Hello! My name is Livia Selli and I am a fashion stylist.

I have enjoyed living and working in Rome, Milan and Paris and one fine day I decided that Rome would be my city for life.

My grandmother’s name was Roma. She adored Elsa Schiaparelli’s style, the creator of shocking pink, an iconic color in fashion. This is how “Pink Marble” was born. Pink Marble because beauty comes from material, shape, color and a dash of Wow! This is Rome: old beautiful buildings, fabulous fountains and statues of brilliant marble that are shaded in pink at sunset, leaving you breathless. Wow!

“Pink Marble” speaks about Rome and her Ladies. About the special bond of love between them which has created their own unique way of living art, fashion and food. A picturesque elegance defined by an unexpected detail that brings happiness. Such a glamorous mash of styles! The roman joie de vivre!

My blog, created at a leisurely pace, is written slowly and with love. I’d like to thank my family, friends and all those who have helped and supported me in this beautiful experience.

I’m sure that you’ll fall in love with this wonderful city, just like I have!