One day on my Instragram appeared a like from the journalist Anna Lupini, Tvzap’s face and author of the book “Il grande fratello VIP, è uno sporco lavoro”. That like made me very curious and so when I met her at the beautiful Bollywood carnival party of the Officium association, I asked her for an interview for the blog.

We met in the Miani residential district, also called the “little village” because everybody knows each other. Like all Roman women, Anna is also very close to her neighborhood and then, as she says: “You can always find parking spaces here.” Anna loves fashion and likes to dress with her friends’ creations, like her black velvet and silk trousers of the Roman brand “Io e Nunu”. And so what she wears becomes an exhilarating tale about herself and Roman women: “The style of Roman women is a beautiful puzzle, because it changes from neighborhood to neighborhood. I personally always dress in black, I am a minimalist who loves millennials. I am a free spirit, orderly but without fixed patterns and my fashion ideal is quality luxury not branded.”

And so looking at Anna’s style I discover that even in Rome there is a minimal woman and she seems to belong to the Miani district. Anna is literally in love with Rome, there are places that, after so many years, still excite her, in fact, as she says, they move her. And then the light of this city is unique to her!

I was very intrigued by her work and asked her why she had chosen the web, TV and Reality as a journalist. Anna explained to me that: “I’ve always been a very curious person. TV shows us what we are and the Internet has expanded our borders. I like to grasp the truth and as I always say to my daughters irony is healthy!”

Sitting at the Brunori cafe, the neighborhood meeting point, famous for its retro style and its magnificent vinyl collection, time flew by.  When I asked what her future plans were, Anna thought about her daughters: “The task of a parent is to support their children in their dreams, to help them believe and realize them!”