About a year ago I met my friend Daniela Masciale in a cafe. Beautiful, always in a hurry and with a suitcase in her hand, rushing between Rome, Venice, Cannes and Berlin. Daniela is a TV and Film Producer in love with Italian cinema and is committed to developing partnerships with international producers and distributors. On that occasion she told me that she was working with her partner Raffaele Rago, director and creator of documentaries, on a project dedicated to women, whose title was still “top secret”. A challenging project that today has borne fruit. Presented in a very special evening at the Casa del Cinema in Rome, “Secretaries. A life for the cinema” is a delicate and entertaining documentary that tells the story of six extraordinary women, who in an Italy still in black and white decide to work in the cinema as secretaries. Far from the glossy cliché of a career as actresses, Cesarina Marchetti, Paola Quagliero, Liliana Avincola, Anna Maria Scafasci, Resi Bruletti, Fiammetta Profili, they became indispensable for their organizational and managerial skills as secretaries doing everything, gaining confidence and the esteem of powerful and brilliant men like Dino and Luigi De Laurentiis, Franco Cristaldi, Goffredo Lombardo and Federico Fellini. Intelligent, ironic, funny and above all determined, these women have been able to create a career without giving up their families, demonstrating that female independence is an uncompromising conquest and a personal satisfaction that has no equal. The documentary is a succession of funny anecdotes from behind the scenes of a daily cohabitation, not always easy, but extremely stimulating with an all-male world. “Secretaries. A life for the cinema” is the testimony of the precious touch, all female, given to the great Italian cinema.

After the screening I reached Daniela surrounded by applause, to congratulate her!

The documentary will be screened in selected theaters in Italy through March. For more info and details here is the FB page of the project.