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Betta Poidomani

Betta Poidomani s/s 2019

I wanted a shakerato coffee with my friends, to discover that the elegance and the extraordinary fit of Betta Poidomani‘s pants had made the “tour of the seven…

Hotel Locarno, Rome


Alessi&Alessi shoes

Alessi&Alessi Shoes

Roman women love shoes and each has her own style. Many love high heels and if they live in the old town each women has her secrets for…

Hotel Montecarlo

Hotel Montecarlo

The Montecarlo Hotel, founded in 1957 by brothers Carlo and Gino Iacuitto, has a beautiful family history that for 62 years has distinguished itself in the Roman hotel…

Sartoria al Corso

The Roman woman always has a trusted seamstress, to hem her trousers, shorten a skirt, change buttons or renovate the coat of a lifetime, which she doesn’t want…

art galley Contatto

Contemporary art lovers

When it rains my “Ladies in Rome” love taking refuge in some art gallery, between  shopping and a coffee. Very often these are moments that they dedicate to…

Patrizia Corvaglia jewels
Rome, Guide book

Guide book

When I arrived in Rome the first thing I did was to buy myself a guide book for the city. It was not easy to choose, there were…

Segretarie una vita per il cinema

“Secretaries. A life for the cinema”

About a year ago I met my friend Daniela Masciale in a cafe. Beautiful, always in a hurry and with a suitcase in her hand, rushing between Rome,…

Valentina Emanuele e Maria Letizia Zanasi Toschi

“Women at work”

When we talk about women in Rome we talk about creativity, independence, willingness and solidarity. Valentina Emanuele and Maria Letizia Zanasi Toschi are such an example. Restorers of…

Francesca Leone

The art of Francesca Leone

Look through the material and pierce the imagination with a rusty aftertaste, while the echo of postmodern noises refers to an industrial archeology, whose deformed and deforming touch…

AltaRoma 2014-2015
Rome and maritime pines

I love maritime pines

Rome is a very green city not only for its many parks, but also for its ancient trees. Maritime pines, beeches, plane trees, cypresses and holm oaks represent…

Giulia's hats

Giulia’s store: fabulous hats

I love hats, like my grandmother Rome and I go crazy for those with a veil! Wearing a hat with style, is synonymous with personality and this is…

casti vintage boutique

Casti Boutique

Coco Chanel would have loved Casti boutique. Here, vintage meets history of fashion and costume. Among small antiques, you can find a beautiful pair of Chanel shoes or…

Coppedè district in Rome

Fairytale district in Rome

Quartiere Coppedè, is a small magical area in Rome, where all buildings are wonderful. They are rich of breathtaking details and bizarre elements of architecture. Looking around, you…

l'ora del té

Daniela Pancalli:  It’s  “L’ora del tè”

(English version at the bottom) Quando sono a Trastevere e devo fare dei regali alle mie ladies in Rome mi piace molto andare da “L’ ora del tè”,…

gift wrapping

I love wrapping up gifts

(English version at the bottom) Anche quest’anno il Natale è arrivato in men che non si dica e subito si pensa ai tanti regali da fare ai nostri…

Fattorini store

Alivar, Kartell, Memento, Tonelli, Lago, Capodopera, Flos, KnIndustrie, Magis, Midj

roman cat

Roman cats

Rome is known not only for its history and magnificent monuments, but also for its many nice and beautiful cats, which populate the ancient ruins enjoying the sun…

Mathieu Vignon ceramic

Art Gallery Contatto: Myth by Mathieu Vignon

On Saturday I went to see an exhibition at the Contatto Art Gallery and I was deeply impressed. I never thought that ceramics could contain so much expressive…

The goats of Appia Antica

The goats of Appia Antica

You probably already know L’Appia Antica. It is famous for its magnificent sunsets and its suggestive walks on foot or by bike, between  rural nature and unique archaeological…


Read to fly away

My Ladies in Rome love reading so much! They spend a lot of time in the library looking for the book to put under their pillow or to…

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence and Rome Film Fest

The film festival in Rome each year offers unique emotions to this city. I remember a few years ago I was sent as a photographer for the arrival…

Olivia Bracci and Irene Tarzia

Contatto Art Gallery.

OLIVIA BRACCI AND IRENE TARZIA INTERVIEW Last week I was walking through the Prati neighborhood in via Federico Cesi and the name of a small art gallery caught…

Prati neighborhood

Look up: Prati neighborhood

Prati is a residential area of Rome built in the early 900s and known for its shops especially in Via Cola di Rienzo, but also for its buildings…


Rome in the rain


Federica Cremisini and Giulia Mitarotonda

Federica Cremisini and
Giulia Mitarotonda interview

This summer I fell in love with Louise, the new It bag by Retropose, a Roman crafts brand synonymous with style, design and personality. Born in 2012 as…

Chez Dédé store

Chez Dédé

When you come into Chez Dédé in Monserrato street it’s like going back in time, but without ever losing the perception of contemporaneity. Chez Dédé is a magical…

Quartiere Monti

My hat in the Roman sky

Today with my friend Laura we were walking in Monti neighborhood, when a breath of wind took my hat away. We chased it and we had a lot…

lighthouse Gianicolo Rome

The Lighthouse of Italian People in Argentina

Since I was a child I have been fascinated by lighthouses. A lonely light that brings help and hope to men of sea, it’s so touching. In Rome…

Villa Sciarra Roma

Villa Sciarra and John Keats

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever. It’s loveliness increases. It will never pass into nothingness.” “Beauty is truth, truth beauty. That is all Ye know on…

Rome old postcard

Old-style postcards

I have always liked writing postcards! There are a lot of flea and antique markets in Rome and I have often found old postcards of Rome which have…

Rome Termini train station


“Sometimes we don’t see human beings but their reflections…” This is the sentence of Pietro Floris accompanying his photographic repertoire called Passengers: “Passengers seem to be moving in…

Villa Pamphilj

Blue Gold in Rome!

  Water is a precious element, it’s history, it’s art, it’s world heritage. For one year I photographed water in Rome’s magnificent fountains, but without showing the fountains….

summer hat

I really love hats!

In winter it is unusual to see a woman in Rome with a fashion hat. But in summer it’s a must have to wear straw hats of all…

walking along the Tiber

Tevere Experience. Walking along the river.

Walking along the Tiber river, early in the morning, is a very nice experience. If you really want to understand Rome and get in touch with her you…

A star is being born

Sunday, with some friends, we got up early and we went to the sea, near Rome. The sun had just risen, the light was pink and the air…