Massimi Caffè

Massimi Caffè and shaken coffee

Have you ever had a shaken coffee? Coffee, ice, sugar and whole coffee beans. Quick and easy ingredients, but the way they combine together, so soft and creamy,…

Daniela Ferraresi

Daniela Ferraresi interview

“Tea is my whole life!” This is how my interview with Daniela Ferraresi began, sipping a good green tea, mixed with caramel and orange. Its delicate fragrance was enveloping…


Booktique, a concept store for curious minds

I recently discovered where my Ladies in Rome have fun buying gifts for every occasion, including small design objects and furnishing accessories, high-value books, gadgets and fine stationery….

PianoAlto restaurant

Backstage in PianoAlto

Rain was expected for the shooting, but it could not be canceled. Everything was ready: the models, the stylist, the makeup artist. It was absolutely necessary to find…

Fregene sea

A walk by the sea

The weekend ritual is a trip out of town and Rome is very close to the sea. Fregene, is a small seaside town, it is perfect for a…

table decor

Table Decor

Lela, home

  Lela Casa     

Piano Strada

  Piano Strada Restaurant   

Piazza Navona
Countryside in Rome

The Countryside in Rome

The Countryside in Rome is beautiful, recalling the oil or watercolor paintings of the Gran Tour of the 18th century. My Ladies in Rome love to spend weekends…

chic&warm store

White Christmas

(English version at the bottom) Nonostante Roma abbia scelto il rosso per decorare il suo albero di Natale in Piazza Venezia, quest’anno la tendenza è il bianco. Le…

L'ora del té store
Fattorini and high level italian design

Fattorini store and high level italian design

(English version at the bottom) La donna romana ama molto la propria casa e negli anni le piace cambiare non solo i colori, ma anche l’arredamento. Come nella…

The piano

“Walking on the moon”

I did not know the Vascello theater. Its season is full of events and what struck me is an atmosphere where art meets literature, design and music. As…

Persimmon and chestnuts recipes

Persimmon and chestnuts recipes

Winter has arrived and among its seasonal fruits there are chestnuts and persimmons that I love. My grandmother, Roma, prepared a delicious persimmon jam, which was eaten with…

La Mucca Bianca Ice cream

La Mucca Bianca

In Rome, ice cream is eaten all year round and it’s very good! It’s a healthy food and is an icon of Italian gastronomy. Every neighborhood has its…


castroni caffè shop

Castroni Caffè shop

My Ladies in Rome introduced me to Castroni Caffè stores and I fell in love with them. Here I find my favorite Guayaba jam and many other goodies…


September: the season of figs

Ham, bread and figs is an old farmer’s recipe. September is the month of figs. In the early morning you can pick figs so they will remain soft…

Collalti bici dal 1899

Collalti bikes since 1899

  When I arrived in Rome my husband gave me a beautiful bike by Collalti and since then I have loved cycling through the streets of central Rome….


Beautiful Artificial Flowers. Iole and Claudia De Filippi

I was desperately searching for flowers, when I came across Iole and Claudia’s shop, Chic&Warm. Chic&Warm, at via Edoardo Jenner 67 in Rome, is a furnishing accessories shop…

Trullo Sant'Angelo

Trullo Sant’Angelo

Have you ever slept in an 18th century Trullo? Have you ever walked through secular olive groves along a pathway built by the  New York Metropolitan’s first oboe…

Villa Pamphilj

Reading in the green

My “ladies in Rome” really like to read and so do I, especially in the shade of an ancient tree in some park in the capital. Villa Pamphilj,…

dove mangiare Amatriciana Roma


Amatriciana is one of the most famous dishes in classical roman cooking, using simple and very delicious ingredients. The traditional recipe is made with tomatoes, guanciale pork, pecorino…