When I met Chiara Magliocchetti I was in her restaurant. We have already talked about PianoStrada and I highly recommend it for the exquisite Mediterranean cuisine of chef Paola Colucci. What struck me immediately about Chiara was her energy, which she used unreservedly as a mother, businesswoman and radio host for Radio Food, the radio founded by Andrea Febo and Luca Sessa, entirely dedicated to food.

“Thelma and Louise”, the radio program presented by Chiara, is the synthesis of two of her great passions: radio and food. The name Thelma and Louise, Chiara explains to me: “Came to me while thinking of the strong friendship that binds me to Paola. We enjoy life, we like challenges and we never back down!” In her program, food becomes a “tasty” reading key with which to talk about fun experiences, from fashion, trips and much more.

Her guests are women who always have very interesting lives to talk about and knowing Chiara could not be otherwise. She says: “I have great admiration for the women who carry out their projects with courage.”

Chiara is very attached to her city: “Rome is a harmony of contrasting elements and is chaotic like me, It feels made to measure for me !” She told me about magnificent terraces from which you can admire the extraordinary beauty of Rome in its entirety like the Terrazza Borromini. She says: “From here you can see all of Rome and your heart opens up”. Another place that Chiara loves very much is the Chiorstro del Bramante, a small jewel of art and architecture where you can relax with a nice cup of coffee and the Museum of Palazzo Altemps for its elegance and its magnificent ancient sculptures.

When I greeted Chiara I asked her:

-And who is the Roman woman?

And she hugged me, she replied with a beautiful smile:

– Light and bubbly!