When it rains my “Ladies in Rome” love taking refuge in some art gallery, between  shopping and a coffee. Very often these are moments that they dedicate to themselves for relaxing. They love doing it on their own.

It is not uncommon, for example, at lunchtime to see them in admiration in front of a painting or a sculpture. After all taking the time to admire a work of art is like yoga, it is good for the body and the spirit. Each Lady has her own art gallery, often linked to the neighborhood where she lives or works.

There are so many in Rome and one of my favorites is the “Contatto Gallery” in the Prati district. Small, but with a strong impact, it hosts emerging talents of contemporary Roman art and passing in front of its windows you can admire fine craftsmanship jewels, unique pieces with an attractive design.

Often frequented by women belonging to a young and modern cultural elite, the Contatto Gallery is becoming a reference point for contemporary art lovers and evening private viewings