I’ve known Daniela Masciale for many years and I know how much she loves her job, but I did not know that as a girl she wanted to become a VJ for MTV. Today, however, Daniela is a TV and Film Producer, who is divided between Rome, Venice and Cannes to take interesting projects abroad and seek partnerships and funding. Her career began with Academy Award-Winning Film Director Giuseppe Tornatore from whom she learned so much, such as a scrupulous attention to detail and method of work.

Every day Daniela does a very masculine and competitive job and yet she never loses her femininity: “I like challenges and I believe in what I do!” Daniela loves the intellectual part of the film industry, that for which cinema is pure narrative and she is fascinated by experimentation in film making.

Just recently Daniela has co-written and executive produced the documentary “Segretarie – Una Vita per Il Cinema” together with her partner, the filmmaker and editor Raffaele Rago. This film is a tribute to the secretaries who have worked for illustrious names in the great Italian cinema: Goffredo Lombardo from Titanus, Dino and Luigi De Laurentiis, Federico Fellini and Franco Cristaldi. “I love this documentary because through the golden age of the Italian cinema we talk about female emancipation. Through the personal secretaries of these great Italian filmmakers, we discover the daily comings and goings that have not had a voice until now .”

Daniela is from Puglia, but has lived in Rome for many years. She loves Cacio-Pepe and Tricia pasta and loves discovering new spaces in the city like the Ostiense district. She advised me to walk along the Tiber River, from the Testaccio quarter to Prati and observe the architectural diversity of bridges and buildings: “It is the city that changes and evolves, from here you can admire the charm of the eternal city”.

When we left, she told me: “Rome’s sky is always happy!”