I had never met a museum project manager before and it is a beautiful job: travelling, meeting interesting people and nurturing culture everywhere. Elisabetta Pisu founded EP studio in 2016 to follow the entire process of design-research, organization, production and communication of museum projects around the world, specifically dedicated to international contemporary design. Captured by her smile and her enthusiasm in talking about her latest work in the United States, I ask her why she chose to do this work: “I am an esthete and I love beauty in all its forms and art and design are its most direct forms. “

Graduated in sociology and with a master’s degree in Cultural Management, she began very young to send her projects to museums, in Italy and abroad, and the first exhibition was in Rome at the Auditorium Parco della Musica. “Designing sound objects”, the title of the exhibition, was a project that related sound and design. Elisabetta explains to me that she has always been very attracted by research dedicated to the senses conveyed by design: “Through the senses we perceive the deeper world!” Elisabetta has curated beautiful exhibitions in Israel, China, the United States and Belgium. In the Netherlands at the Cube Design Museum she created an exhibition dedicated to the shoe and its design, always evolving between form and materials, also eco-sustainable and she confesses: “I am not a fashion addict, but even in fashion I love to look for innovation and creativity. “

Elisabetta lives and works in the Flaminio district, a neighborhood that she loves very much because in her opinion it is a unique cultural district between the Auditorium, the Maxxi Museum and the Olympic Village: “I love my neighborhood very much because it has great potential for urban transformation, where art and music meet every day. ” For Elisabetta Roma it is like a charming woman who never reveals herself completely    and always leaves you something to discover and the woman from the Flaminio district is elegant but never brazen.

It was such a pleasant chat that time flew by and towards sunset while saying goodbye, Elisabetta tells me: “I love the sunsets of this city and the color of the golden air.”