When I met Flavia a few years ago, I immediately had the sensation of having an extraordinary woman in front of me. Sales Manager of an important Italian Public Company, Flavia like all Roman women juggles career and family with ease. Hers is a very competitive job, but she finds it very stimulating, because “challenges make you grow”. Flavia, like all Romans, is in love with her city and to her every corner represents a piece of her life, like the gardens of Villa Balestra. She used to walk here with her children, when they were babies and there was always a book by Isabel Allende inside the pram. Flavia loves her novels because they speak about courageous, independent, strong women who have been able to redeem themselves. What is a Roman woman like? She replies smiling: “She is like Rome! – Complex, chaotic, creative, jovial, unpredictable and with a pinch of Nordic rigidity that never hurts!” For Flavia the Roman woman is imaginative, at work as in the kitchen and she is a great cook. Flavia loves cooking for friends and her children, because food creates conviviality and unites people. Her favorite dishes are pasta alla “Checca”, which she learned to make in Sabaudia, a Roman seaside resort and of course cacio e pepe. And then she never misses out on excellent street food from the Ghetto or an aperitif with her friends from Zuma or the Terrazza Bernini Bristol, where the panorama of Rome is truly breathtaking. Flavia is a very dynamic and fun woman and always has a lot of interesting things to talk about. At the end of our coffee, just before saying goodbye I also discovered that she has a fantastic motto: “From a problem always arises an opportunity!”