When I arrived in Rome the first thing I did was to buy myself a guide book for the city. It was not easy to choose, there were so many. So I decided that if my life stopped in Rome I would have bought them all a few at a time. I still have the first one, it brought me luck! By now I have become an expert, every guide gives you its point of view, but everyone agrees on one thing: Rome is wonderful! I like to follow the itineraries they propose, from the historical artistic ones to the gastronomic ones, from shopping to wellness. There is a guide for every moment of the day and how you feel. Are you in an academic or glamorous mood? You can choose: there is always a guide made just for you, waiting for you. Each one is an inexhaustible source of precious addresses and advice to explore the districts of Rome with ease. It seems that in Rome we have all written our own guide books: there is the noblewoman who reveals to you the most elegant places, the mother and housewife who has her needs, the professor who simplifies his lessons for mere mortals, the blogger or the amateur traveler who talks about his experiences and gastronomic critics. But celebrities and fashion houses like Fendi and Louis Vuitton are not missing. Who knows maybe one day even Pink Marble will have its own  guide book.