I met Renato Balestra a few years ago, in the splendid setting of Taormina, during the Film Festival. I still feel emotional when I remember that evening at the Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo, the sky was already starry while the red trail of the sunset was still illuminating the horizon and Renato Balestra arrived on the hotel terrace in a bright blue suit, his favorite color.


Renato Balestra has always stood out for its elegance, not only in style, but also as a person. Kind, cordial, smiling, for my grandmother he was the prince of Italian fashion. I remember she jealously kept one of Balestra’s beautiful dresses in the wardrobe, that I think she wore only once to an important event in Milan in the 60s. His fashion has celebrated the elegance and femininity of unique women, queens, princesses, first ladies and actresses. When he invited me to his fashion show in Rome I felt truly honored.

Renato Balestra Couture

It was the 2014 fashion show and it was simply divine!

Renato Balestra