I met Lesley Venditti at a lunch with friends at the Locarno Hotel. Entertaining, dynamic always connected and always in a hurry. Lesley has transformed her original sin, “The Vintage”, into a successful business, with two stores in Rome and one in Milan. She calls herself a multitasking woman, she doesn’t like stereotypes and doesn’t mind a couple of sneakers under a cocktail dress. Her life has always been lived at a thousand miles per hour and as she says: “I am always in a hurry, I want to do everything and conclude everything immediately!”

As a child she only played with Barbies. She had a lot of clothes, one for every story she invented, like when she put a beautiful suit on her barbie who had to go to the lawyer, to divorce Ken. Having grown up in a family of artists, her father a director and her mother an actress in advertising, she has always frequented the world of cinema and since she was a child she has developed her passion for fashion and vintage.

Her mother organized Tea Parties, where she and her friends enjoyed exchanging and selling the clothes that had been used in the sonnet sets. That is how Lesley’s passion for used clothing in fashion was born: “My mother was a very funny and brilliant woman with very good taste. She understood that used clothing in the world of fashion could become a business. “Today Lesley sells in her stores contemporary vintage clothes and  in this period of “Austerity” even the Fashion Addicted of the upper middle classes are no longer afraid to buy a used Chanel dress from the previous season.

Lesley is a lover of all art and loves the Galleria Borghese and the Gnam. Among her favorite neighborhoods are Parioli and the Trieste district, but she has a very special place in her heart for the Aranciera di Villa Giulia. And if you want to eat in a charming little square, in the narrow streets of Rome, Lesley recommends the PierLuigi restaurant.