I hate to be late, but this time I was definitely early and getting out of the taxi I found myself in front of Maria Laura Berlinguer, who was bringing home some nice ice cream. Without a trace of makeup and wrapped in a delicate silk pashmina, I was immediately struck by her spontaneity and elegance.

I didn’t know Maria Laura or rather not in person, we met on Instagram and then just by chance one of her friends brought us together. Like all “Ladies in Rome” she is a woman full of energy and resources. Few years ago, she reinvented herself by leaving a safe job to realize her dream: to promote made in Italy around the world.

Her blog www.marialauraberlinguer.com is a showcase for Italian excellence in different sectors: fashion, crafts, design and italian style. A courageous and thoughtful choice which testifies how at any age a woman can get back into the game successfully: “My blog has cleared away my fears, how to appear on video. Social media is therapeutic, it has helped many women of my age to reinvent themselves and become aware of what they are worth!” Sitting on her beautiful sofa she tells me that as a child she had no particular talents, but she knew how to choose beautiful things: “The search for beauty and elegance has accompanied my whole life!”

So Maria Laura, who is always traveling up and down Italy in search of high quality products, tells the stories of those who still produce and protect the style and elegance of Made in Italy, with a particular attention to the courageous entrepreneurship of fifty-year-old women who, like her ,wanted to realize their dreams.

Maria Laura Berlinguer
Sardinian by birth and Roman by adoption, she chooses to live in the capital because for her it is the most beautiful city in the world and when she misses the sea, she walks along the Tiber where a wonderful Rome appears. Maria Laura loves cooking: “I like to eat and I like to cook!When I come back from my travels around the world I always bring home a cookbook. I love Baccalà and  Carbonara from the Roman tradition.” Maria Laura is a great sportswoman.

She really likes Villa Ada Park for jogging. Her free time is dedicated to her family. A Casina Valadier aperitif with her friends is a must. Some advice that she gives to all the women who want to come and visit Rome, is to leave their guide book at home and get lost in the picturesque alleys of the city so as to be overwhelmed by the authentic beauty.

A special thanks to San Liberato Estate, Counts Sanminiatelli.