Rain was expected for the shooting, but it could not be canceled. Everything was ready: the models, the stylist, the makeup artist. It was absolutely necessary to find a location indoors, but a bright  one because I only work with natural light. It seemed an impossible feat, but then my friend phoned to tell me that she had booked dinner at the Piano Alto restaurant and there I had an idea.

PianoAlto restaurant

That place was perfect. Elegant and with refined furnishings between deco and modernism that would have been the ideal location to show the new Anomis fashion collection. And then all those windows overlooking the Tiber and the trendy Testaccio district, made it even more unique and above all bright.

PianoAlto restaurant

We worked very well and in the end the sun came out too. So we all went up to the restaurant terrace, where the view was truly breathtaking.

AnomisClothesIt was perfect teamwork, there was a lot of harmony between us and we managed to finish the shooting before the scheduled time. In the end, despite the bad weather, it was a beautiful day!

Fashion Shooting

Thank you  Paola Colucci and Chiara Magliacchetti (PianoAlto and PianoStrada restaurant)

Thank you my teamwork: Simona Felici,  Andrea Mennella, Franca Borrotzu, Sonia Civilotti, Carolina Levorin.