The Roman woman always has a trusted seamstress, to hem her trousers, shorten a skirt, change buttons or renovate the coat of a lifetime, which she doesn’t want to throw away. For those who do not want to risk being at a ceremony with the same dress as their sister-in-law, there are still seamstresses for brides in Rome, who are also very good embroiderers.

But I discovered that my Ladies in Rome wouldn’t mind having a men’s tailor, to have tailored shirts and refined suits with a masculine charm. So I started to research and discovered the “Sartoria al Corso” in Piazza del Parlamento, owned and run by Elio and Marco Gabizon.

From the decidedly masculine furnishings, the Sartoria al Corso is a reference point for many gentlemen who live or work in the historic center. With classic taste, but from modern cuts you can find ready-made or made to measure clothes and that is why this tailoring can also meet the needs of a female shape.

For me, two beautiful suits, one blue and one sand colored and a custom-made white shirt. Then recommended by the store staff, I enjoyed choosing accessories such as cufflinks and handkerchiefs.

They also taught me how to tie my tie!